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We generate insights through our research, convening power, and direct delivery to influence the actions of business and government, helping ensure all young people from a low-income background can succeed in the workplace.

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To influence the actions of business and government we generate insights through direct programme delivery, piloting new interventions, original research, and by working in collaboration with others. These insights shape our advocacy for the transformative action needed to ensure all young people from a low-income background can succeed in the workplace. 

All young people eligible for free school meals receive consistent, relevant, and high-quality careers support throughout their primary and secondary education. This will generate the knowledge and aspiration to ignite and inspire their career ambitions. Inspiring role models will fuel self-belief and raise awareness about what is possible and what they can achieve. 

All young people eligible for free school meals participate in high quality mandatory work experience at key points in their education. This will follow a model of delivery tailored to their needs, the opportunities in different locations and sectors of the economy, creating systemic change which benefits all young people.  

Employers drive social mobility within their organisations, committing to recruit young people from FSM backgrounds. This is done through inclusive recruitment, progression, and retention practices. In turn, it will help address skills gaps and ensure organisations benefit from untapped, diverse talent. 

All young people eligible for free school meals understand the opportunities and have the skillsets needed to thrive in the future of work. Rapidly evolving technologies will unlock, rather than entrench barriers to social mobility.  

Examples of our work

How does AI impact social mobility?

Lynne Peabody explores the opportunities and challenges AI presents for social mobility.

28 Mar 2024 |Lynne Peadbody

Action needed to break barriers for young people from low-income backgrounds in Greater Manchester

Our new report says action across a range of areas is needed by policymakers and employers to increase employment opportunities in Greater Manchester for 30,000 young people from low-income backgrounds.

15 Nov 2023

Action needed to ensure the Metaverse is fully inclusive

Our report uncovers the opportunities for building social inclusion in the Metaverse

18 Oct 2023

Unlocking Potential: Empowering Youth In an AI-Driven Recruitment Landscape

Exploring the opportunities and challenges of an AI-driven recruitment landscape for social mobility.

14 Sep 2023

Developing Careers Guidance in Primary Schools

We’re pleased to share the results of a pilot project to test a new approach to careers guidance in primary schools, supported by the EY Foundation in partnership with the North East Local Enterprise Partnership.

29 Nov 2021

Engaging young people through hybrid working

Research produced by Learning & Work Institute into the impact of EY Foundation’s move to virtual delivery of employment support has found that a hybrid model is the most effective for employers and young people.

19 Oct 2021

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