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How we're using digital solutions to enhance employability training

Reflections from recent pilots

In the ever-evolving landscape of employability training, digital solutions are emerging as powerful tools to enhance learning experiences and outcomes. Over the course of our February delivery period, we piloted a number of projects to test where digital solutions could add value to our core programmes.


In this roundup of our findings, we’ll share reflections from two controlled pilots focused on finding where tech can add the most value to employability training:

  1. Using virtual-world technology to bring to life the business case study through a scavenger hunt of a metaverse environment fictional office
  2. Using 2D desktop VR to deliver self-led employability skills and DEI training


Our recent programmes in February have provided valuable insights into the potential of these innovative methods, revealing how they can effectively build skills and bring content to life.

The Power of Digital Delivery Methods

Our programmes explored the use of innovative digital delivery methods in comparison to traditional ones. The results were encouraging. While face-to-face delivery remains the preferred method for many participants, the pilots demonstrated that digital solutions can offer unique value. For instance, the majority of participants responded positively to the prospect of participating more in future training activities after being given the opportunity to experience new digital methods.


Interestingly, skill development was consistent across both traditional and more innovative methods, indicating that new digital solutions can be just as effective in skills training. This finding underscores the potential of digital delivery methods to complement and even enhance traditional training approaches.


The Role of Interactivity and Collaboration

One of the key findings from the pilots was the importance of interactivity and collaboration in digital interventions. Participants valued the different forms of interaction available in some digital platforms, and when asked what type of activities they’d like to experience as digital solutions, the overwhelming response was tasks involved in working collaboratively with teams. This highlights the potential of digital solutions to foster greater engagement and collaboration, enhancing the learning experience and providing new opportunities to interact with wider networks.

Digital solutions hold significant potential for enhancing employability training. While challenges exist, the benefits of innovative digital delivery methods, interactivity, and collaboration are clear.

Overcoming Technical Challenges

While the pilots revealed the potential of digital solutions, they also highlighted some challenges. Technical difficulties, such as issues with downloading and connectivity, were a consistent concern across both pilots. However, these challenges are not insurmountable. Future pilots should consider how hardware and software could form part of the digital solution to minimize the impact of technical difficulties.


Looking Ahead: Maximizing the Value of Tech in Training

The pilots have provided valuable insights into where technology can add the most value in employability training. Digital solutions need to focus on new elements that they can uniquely provide, such as enabling virtual delivery where face-to-face interaction isn't possible. Furthermore, digital solutions should aim to use the full functionality of the technology to foster new forms of interaction and collaboration.



Our February pilots have shown that digital solutions hold significant potential for enhancing employability training. While challenges exist, the benefits of innovative digital delivery methods, interactivity, and collaboration are clear. As we continue to explore and refine these methods, we look forward to harnessing the power of technology to provide engaging, effective, and accessible training experiences for all participants.


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