Young muslim woman reading Quran in the mosque and sunlight falling from the window

Q&A: Observing Ramadan in the Workplace

Mushkih shares how Ramadan can be observed in the workplace and what colleagues can do to help.

Written by Mushkih

What is Ramadan and how do people observe? 

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Muslim calendar and is a period of fasting and spiritual growth. It is observed through fasting, from sunrise until sunset, refraining from eating, drinking and smoking. Muslims also focus on self-discipline, gratitude and seeking forgiveness, it is also a time for increased acts of kindness and charity. 



What tips do you have for other young people observing while working?

One of the main tips I have is to stay patient, especially when fasting in the earlier stages of Ramadan it can be difficult to keep your concentration and constantly stay productive. A way to combat this is to take small breaks after big tasks to ensure you are splitting your energy efficiently. Plan out your day, make a schedule and organise what needs to be done, to ensure you have enough time to rest. 


Another important tip is to communicate with your colleagues that you are observing Ramadan and then they are more likely to be accommodating and create an inclusive working environment. 


Stay hydrated during non-fasting hours, ensuring you look after your body to be able to have the strength to complete a working day. 



What would you want colleagues to know during this time? 

During Ramadan, it would be great if colleagues could be understanding and supportive of those observing. Some things that create a more inclusive and supportive working environment are being respectful to the time meetings are scheduled. Sometimes it can’t be helped but try not to schedule meetings during prayer times or allow a break within meetings for those observing Ramadan to go and pray. 


Also, to have a clean, quiet place for times of reflection and prayer. Most employment spaces have some kind of break/prayer room but if not, a small room that can be utilised. 



Do you have any tips or suggestions for colleagues to best support yourself and others observing Ramadan?

Mainly to be understanding that fasting is physically and mentally challenging and to offer support if necessary. It is mainly the small gestures that offer support and make a big difference. It would help create a supportive workplace where everyone feels valued.