July 2023
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Careers Unlocked

Answering key questions about the world of work

The Careers Unlocked podcast tackles work-related questions, drawing on the experiences and insights of young people, employers, and industry professionals.


What to expect: Guidance, actionable advice and learnings, and a focus on overcoming barriers to employment. As well as our full-length episodes, we have bitesized minisodes sharing quick answers to practical question including  what to ask employers in interviews and how to read a payslip.


Who's it for? Anyone who would like to know more about growing sectors, get support navigating their career, or better understand what young people want from the workplace and what employers want from the people they’re hiring.

What Career Opportunities Are There In The Banking Sector? | Ep. 11

Featuring Joanne Murphy (Chartered Banker Institute Chief Operating Officer) and John Walker (EY Foundation Alumni and Youth Advisory Board Member)

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How I Got Here: Roger Wade | Ep. 10

Featuring Roger Wade - CEO, Founder, Entrepreneur: Boxfresh, Boxpark & BoxFund.

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Beyond profit: how can you get started in the charity sector? | Ep. 9

Featuring Davina Majeethia (Head of Equity, Diversity & Inclusion at Nesta) and Tanisha Zaman (EY Foundation alumni and ambassador).

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The metaverse and social mobility: how might it change the world of work? | Ep. 8

Featuring Mira Pijselman (Digital Ethics Lead for EY UK&I and a 2023 finalist for Thought Leader Consultant of the Year by the Management Consultancies Association).

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Entrepreneurship: what does it take to start your own business? | Ep. 7

Featuring Sami Gichki (young social action leader and aspiring mental health entrepreneur) and Joel Gujral (Founder & CEO of mental health startup MYNDUP, which aims to stop the one-size-fits-all approach to mental health).

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