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Welcome to the EY Foundation's suite of programmes, designed to empower young individuals on their journey towards a bright and successful future. Our initiatives are tailored to support those at pivotal stages of their educational and professional development, providing them with invaluable experiences, skills, and guidance. Whether you're on the cusp of entering the workforce, contemplating higher education, or nurturing a fledgling business idea, our programmes offer a unique blend of practical experience and mentorship to help you unlock your potential.



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Smart Futures

A 12-month programme giving young people the opportunity to gain paid work experience and take part in interactive employability skills workshops during the school holidays. They are also offered the opportunity to network with both employers and other young people, as well as having access to their own supportive mentor to help guide them into the first stage of a career or higher education. Students can only take part if they have been recently eligible for free school meals, a college bursary or Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).


Your Future

A six-month programme aimed at students who want to go straight into work, rather than further education, at the end of year 13 (or Fifth Year in Scotland). Participants receive two weeks of paid employability skills training, interactive workshops such as recruitment bootcamps, and work experience, followed by six months of guidance from a job coach to directly support them into a role. Young people can take part if they have been recently eligible for free school meals, a college bursary or Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA).


Step Into Business

This programme supports young people aged 16-19 who have a business idea but are unsure of the steps required to turn their idea into a reality. Kicking off with a one-day interactive workshop, participants will have an opportunity to request a business coach who will provide guidance and support for young people over a 6-month period to set up their own business.

Those who aspire to set up a social enterprise will also be invited to apply for a start up grant from EY Foundation to help launch their business idea.


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