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Ambassador Network

Passionate about the EY Foundation’s work and want to help other young people? Use your voice to make a difference.

What is the Ambassador Network?

At the EY Foundation, young people sit at the heart of all we do. We want to give young people a platform to share their voices more widely, have input into our work and raise awareness about what we do.


By becoming an Ambassador, you will:

  • Bring to life the work of the EY Foundation by sharing its impact on you and others
  • Ensure the needs of young people are better understood by employers and other organisations by sharing your opinions
  • Act as a voice for young people
  • Promote our work to other young people and employers
  • Help to broaden our reach, by taking part in media opportunities and other events
  • Have the opportunity to share your thoughts and feedback on the EY Foundation’s work
  • Receive training sessions on topics such as public speaking, personal branding and media training, to help you develop and be a great Ambassador


My favourite part of being an Ambassador is seeing my ideas become a reality. The team are so encouraging and willing to take on board your ideas.

Can I be part of the Ambassador Network?

 We are looking for Ambassadors who are:

  • Aged between 17 – 24
  • A graduate of our programmes
  • Supportive of the EY Foundation's values and ambition
  • Supportive of the EY Foundation’s work
  • Confident to share opinions on what young people want and need
  • Willing to share innovative and creative ideas with the EY Foundation team in calls and meetings
  • Interested in public speaking, networking and representing the EY Foundation at events
  • Confident using social media or creating content

How to apply

If you have any questions or would like to register your interest in becoming an Ambassador, email us now.

Help us grow!

The EY Foundation uses LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and TikTok. If you have any interesting ideas for content, want to create videos, or would be interested in doing a social media takeover, then please get in touch.