Group picture of young people

Blog post: A young person's experience on our Secure Futures programme

It’s been a busy few weeks at the EY Foundation with lots of great Spring delivery programmes taking place. We’ve been very lucky to meet some fantastic young people and caught up with Secure Futures participant, Megan, to get her thoughts on her time on the programme.

"I wasn’t expecting the Secure Futures programme to have such an effect on my general confidence. The experience improved not only my connections, but also my soft skills such as communication and collaboration. We were given the opportunity to listen, engage and be heard in a manner that made us feel welcome in the professional environment. Through taking us seriously and answering our questions patiently, it was clear that the EY Foundation believed in the programme and students which in turn caused us to believe in ourselves.


The panelists we heard were incredible. They were all from different backgrounds and took different journeys. It was inspiring to realise how many routes are available and that my career goals are attainable. For the first time I feel optimistic about my career pathway and have an impressive network of connections to help along the way! I now imagine my career in the security industry and know how to achieve it.


The rest of the young people in my Secure Futures Programme were some of the most dedicated and enthusiastic I’ve ever met. I was surprised at how comfortable I felt and I formed quick friendships within the group. I got the opportunity to learn about their experiences and how they compared to my own.


I thank the EY Foundation for this amazing opportunity, especially Megan Young, Nia Lonergan, and Paul Barnard. They supported us throughout and pushed us to make the most of our week. I'm looking forward to seeing how next year's group benefits from the experience!"


Thanks Megan for providing your experience of the programme!