Supporting social entrepreneurs to scale sustainably

We are not currently recruiting for the Accelerate programme. Please check back periodically for updates or get in touch to be notified when applications are live.


What is Accelerate?

Accelerate is a coaching programme that supports young social entrepreneurs and social enterprises, with a focus on enabling access to employment, education, or enterprise for young people. We help social enterprises to grow and thrive so that they can continue to play an important role in stimulating local economies and affecting social change.


We offer 3-6 months of coaching to all eligible social entrepreneurs. It works as follows:


  1. Application – confirm that you are eligible for the programme (see criteria below), choose your focus area (operational, strategic, or commercial) and write your specific objective

  2. Matching – based on your focus area and objective, we will match you with one of our coaches, who we think will provide the best support for you

  3. Coaching – once all due diligence checks are completed, your coaching journey starts!


Included in our coaching package is:

  • Free access to a market-leading online growth planning tool: this helps you spot your strengths and weaknesses as a business, as well as your ambition, and generates an action plan for you to bridge the gap between where you are now, and where you want to be (we recommend going through this with your coach in the first instance)

  • Procurement opportunities: opportunity for successful candidates to apply to join large corporate supply chains


Who could I work with?

Accelerate is supported by volunteers from a range of teams across EY and other organisations across the UK. Your business coach will be your main contact throughout the programme.


Our network of coaches includes:

  • Experienced EY consultants and specialists
  • Former EY partners
  • Professional business coaches
  • Experienced consultants and business leaders from our EY Foundation network
  • Other social entrepreneurs

In addition to your coach, you may also receive support from the wider EY network (e.g. legal). It is your coach’s responsibility to help you find the right people to support you in the right moments.  


Can I be part of the Accelerate programme?

Individuals who meet the below eligibility criteria can apply to the programme. You must be:

  • Running a social enterprise that supports young people into education, employment or enterprise


  • A social entrepreneur aged 18-30

Plus, at least three of the following:

  • Your organisation is already established with 1+ years of trading
  • You (the social entrepreneur) are working full-time within the business
  • Your social enterprise is generating revenue
  • You have a credible plan to grow at a local, regional or national level, which in turn will create employment opportunities in the future


Thanks so much for everything over the last few months of the programme, it’s been really impactful for us and you’ve made the journey great fun as well.
The experience, theory and people are something I will never forget and be forever grateful for!

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